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Product Code: GT06N 

GT06N GPS tracker is a multi-functional GPS satellite positioning system which can help to locate your vehicle’s current address. It is a multi-functional GPS vehicle tracker has the built-in GSM and GPS double antennas. Its main functions are SOS alarm/notification/alert message/voice monitoring and so on. It can be used in logistics car and truck to support fleet management.

Product Description 

This kind of multi-functional GPS tracker device can be applied to e-car, cars, special vehicles, motorcycle, e-bikes, and other vehicles. It includes voltage range from 10V to 36V to supply power. GT06N GPS device is small in size or easy-to-carry, high sensitivity GPS & GSM module inbuilt, to make monitoring come true by sending messages or GPRS transmit the monitoring position of a vehicle. Once you have installed GT06N tracker, no need to install any other software. After installing it, the position of vehicles can be located or tracked will be automatically through a real-time map. Its battery backup is up to 4 Hrs standby and 3 Hrs working condition.

Salient Advantages of GT06N GPS Tracking Device:

Reduce Labor Costs

Remove your time as well as money by using the latest GPS technology. 

Reduce Fuel Costs

Reduce your fuel cost by monitoring driver behavior or by eliminating poor driving habits such as aggressive driving, idling, and speeding. 

Improve Supervision and Safety

Help to boost better safety, supervision, communications, and accountability of vehicles. 

Increase Revenue

Our technology makes more money or generates more revenue with successive route planning. 

Improve Customer Service

Improves on-time arrivals and increases service revenues to keep our customers happy. 

Fleet diagnostics

When your vehicles have problems and remind you when they are due for maintenance and keep your fleet in the right direction.

Why GPS Tracking

Everyone knows that GPS tracking is a very useful equipment to locate vehicles but today’s tracking is much more.  A good tracking system should include additional items at an affordable cost. These are the following reasons that you should choose this GPS tracking:-

  • Easy to use or user-friendly device
  • More reliable and secure
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Supports more than 10 timezone setting
  • Auto start when power connected
  • Replay the location history
  • Help to determine the precise location of vehicle, people, pet, or other assets at regular instant

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