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RP01 GPS vehicle tracking equipment is a Global Positioning System, especially used for motorbike tracking or more other vehicles. It is a practical and easy-to-use, especially deliberate for vehicle tracking such as Car, Taxi, Van, Truck, and Motorcycle etc.

Product Description

RP01 GPS vehicle tracking looks different but has many special functions engaging with customers. It is the multi-functional GPS Vehicle Tracker and the best-seller in GPS tracker products.  RP01 tracker is used in bus, minibus, car, and truck with internal battery. It can be installed in the shelters on cars, bike, and two or three wheelers.

Outstanding Features of RP01 GPS Tracker:

Real-Time Positioning Tracking

Track your real-time fleet’s locations with our world-class Google-powered maps.

Historical Activity Reporting

Create historical activity reports by improving driving performance & activities.

Driver Safety Monitoring

Reduce your legal responsibility to improve driver habits.

Control over Speed of Vehicle

Keep your vehicles safe & secure by monitoring its over speed.

Exception Notifications & Alerts

Get real-time notifications & alerts by SMS or Email.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Track your vehicle location and monitoring the behavior of your driver as well as.

Fleet Trends


Scale your drivers’ activities against the fleet average to see who your outliers are.

Fleet projections

Use the predictive analytics algorithm to predict future activities via prior behavior.

Maintenance Remainder & Alerts

Keep your vehicles on the road with maintenance monitoring and alert.

Routing & Dispatching

Complete more tracking tasks with optimized routing and dispatching.

Enterprise Permissions

Users can only access features and vehicles you grant them access to.

Why GPS Tracking

Everyone knows that GPS tracking is a very useful equipment to locate vehicles but today’s tracking is much more.  A good tracking system should include additional items at an affordable cost. These are the following reasons that you should choose this GPS tracking:-

  • Easy to use or user-friendly device
  • More reliable and secure
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Supports more than 10 timezone setting
  • Auto start when power connected
  • Replay the location history
  • Help to determine the precise location of vehicle, people, pet, or other assets at regular instant

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