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Amazing Features of Marks GPS Tracking: 

Live Tracking

Determine the current location of your vehicle on google maps in real time. Check the address of your car location with best in the market refresh rate of 10 seconds.


Using this tracking device for a car, you can track your vehicle and can save it from the car thief. Even you can avoid the unwanted and unauthorized use of your car.


This type of tracking devices is normally very user-friendly. You can operate it from your smartphone also. It can be easily used without any extra specialist knowledge. This is a simple plug and play system.

Engine On-Off Access

Switch-on or switch-off the vehicle ignition with just one swipe on the mobile phone. Cloud connectivity helps you take action from anywhere in India.

Daily History Video

Watch full day driving history of any date. Playback history for your car/bike/truck is available for past 90 days, optimized for the travel distance.

Stoppages Of The Day

Check where your vehicle stopped along with the duration and address of stoppage. You can check the stoppages in history video for the last 90 days.

Overspeed Alert

Select over the speed limit and get notified when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit. Get instant alert notifications for free and take actions in time.

Device Disconnect Alert

You get an alarm notification for device disconnect. Prevent your vehicle from getting stolen by taking action on device disconnect alert.

Low Battery Alert

Get notified in case of low device battery. Device battery gets charged by the vehicle that works for weeks.

Free Push Notifications

Push notifications for safe zone or geofence breach, device disconnect, low battery, overspeeding and power on/off.

90 Days History Data

Vehicle history is saved for every day and is available for free for the last 90 days, that helps you go back in time and check for the required data point. 

Analytical Graphs – USP

Check driving performance and analyze graphs for better insights. Any date can be selected in last 90 days for selecting the graph range.

Anti-Theft Mode – USP

Switch on the Anti-theft mode while you sleep or when away from the vehicle in the crowd, to get notified by alarm for theft possibility.

Tracking Permission – USP

Share and get tracking permission for any vehicle. Avoid sharing login credentials while allowing your loved ones know where you are.

10 Sec Refresh Rate

We give value for money by giving best in world refresh rate of 10 seconds, while all other players give a refresh rate of 30 seconds.

Why GPS Tracking

Everyone knows that GPS tracking is a very useful equipment to locate vehicles but today’s tracking is much more.  A good tracking system should include additional items at an affordable cost. These are the following reasons that you should choose this GPS tracking:-

  • Easy to use or user-friendly device
  • More reliable and secure
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Supports more than 10 timezone setting
  • Auto start when power connected
  • Replay the location history
  • Help to determine the precise location of vehicle, people, pet, or other assets at regular instant

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